Friday, March 9, 2012

Many thanks to everyone.

I thought the best way to send my gratitude to Janine Sepulveda, my classmates, the University of Oregon and the US. Embassy is with a recorded message in my VOKI AVATAR. I hope you enjoy it.


Rade Petricevic said...

Hello Fernando,

Your Voki is so great. Thank you so much for giving me a great feedback about my draft report. It was also great to collaborate with you.

Everything the best!


Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Thank you, Rade! Your feedback helped me a lot too. It's been a pleasure to work with you and Davor. I was wondering if we can keep in touch on Facebook? Add me Nando Beconi Delfino and I'll add you, too
Have a nice weekend!

Lina said...

Dear Fernando Beconi,

it is so great to see your creativity and application of the methods you've learned in your blog. I had no time to explore yet, and I have already learnt from you about their functionality. Thanks for applying these tools.


Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Dear Lina,
Thanks for your comment. You should definitely explore voki. It's simple and engaging for students. Have a great weekend.

Melissa Ramos Vaesken said...

Love the whole idea of working with Avatar in class! And also your way of closing this course!
Any suggestions on where to start if I want to implement something similar as your project? Could you remind me of the webtool you used?

Chiyoko said...

Hi Fernando,

Thank you for your VOKI AVATAR. The technology is improving very fast. I really want to master it.


kat said...

Hi Nando

I love your voki Avatar. Honetly, it is so interesting to know about the many things you can do with it.

Best regards


amina said...

It is so sad that we have to part ways.I love your voki Avatar.I will try it out sometime