Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 10. Great mixed emotions

Ironacally, on the last week of Webskills course my computer breaks down. But I got my phone that can help me publish this post. I can tell you that is really hard for me to type with my phone so if I make a few typos, just excuse me. Week has been somehow different from the other weeks, diffrent because I felt more relaxed and there weren't many assignments but on the other hand I feel a little melancholic because I won't get to "hang out" with such wonderful people, devoted educators from all over the world. The fact that we won't get to hang out with each other can be solved somehow because I created a Facebook group where we can still hang out, share, collaborate and continue our lifetime learning process. Your more than welcome to join the group by adding me "Nando Beconi Delfino" on Facebook. We're already 6 on the group, and we've already share some interesting things. The only condition is that the reading and comments don't have deadlines like in the Webskills Online Course, :DLOL. Speaking of the course I can't thank Janine, and all of you enough for your incredible support, feedback and collaboration throughout the entire course. As I remember how happy I was when I got the mail from the US Embassy and the UO telling me that I got the scholarship to do the course. I must also thank the US Embassy and the University of Oregon for letting me participate on the course. I hope you understand that using my phone to type this post is driving me crazy so I'll keep my post short. I really wish to see you at least on Facebook and keep in touch and maybe someday, who knows, meet you personally all of you, somewhere in the world. Take care.


Anna said...

Thank you Nando for creating a Facebook group! I was thinking about that too, I will try to join it now. I think the best part of this course was getting to interact with different teachers from around the world and I don't want our cooperation to end. Lets get our students together and continue the web-learning experience! You can contact me any time with crazy project ideas :)

Rade Petricevic said...

Hello Nando,

Your reflection for Week 10 is good even you typed it with your phone. I also agree with you that the last week was light. We did not have a lot of it to do, but it's unbelievable how fast the time ran out. Thank you for the group on Facebook, it is very rewarding.

I wish you everything the best in your future life and career.