Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tech Enhanced Lesson Plans

Week 4 started a little hectic because I'm working full time. But I found some time to read all the assigned readings, and I found all of them quite interesting. The technology enhanced lesson plans help me organize some ideas I have about using technology in my classes. Writing the tech enhanced lesson plan was quite an enlightening experience. Because sometimes teachers use tech tools but the sake of the tool, but objectives are  more important than tools. Sometimes I want to use tools because they're cool, new or something but I forget the objectives of the lesson. I think the objectives are more important than the tech tool. These tools are,  as they're called, tools. The most important thing must be our objectives. There are some many tech tools out there but as it was pointed out in the Project Task 3, our goal is to have need-driven project. We need to find out what our students needs are and then work out what tools may be used to accomplish or fulfill those needs.

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Rade Petricevic said...

Hello Fernando,
I was not able to post a comment about your reflection for Week 4. It was because of the snow and I did not have the Internet connection. All material was so fantastic and all web pages are very constructive for our students. They can boost all their skills very well. As regards the technology enhanced lesson plan, it is a very rewarding for us because everything is very clear. I really agree with you that the objectives are more important than tools. If we do not have an objective, it will be hard for us to manage anything.

Best regards...