Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 3: So far so good.

It's been three great weeks of my webskills online course. In the third week I tried, and . They're all great sites for developing my students' oral skills. They have so many features that are so engaging and motivating. I haven't tried any of them with my students yet, but I can still tell that my students will love them. It's really hard to describe all the features, but I love As matter of fact I already made my own voki avatar (check it out on the top right corner of my blog) . I felt like a little child while I was making it. I encourage all my classmates to create their own voki avatar and then post them in their blogs.  I also encourage you to try this sites. When you create your voki, besides creating a graphic character you can then make you voki talk. You can make it talk by recording a message, uploading a sound file and typing. I love the fact that you can type your message and the voki just talks your message out. I introduced myself with my voki avatar and you can probably see that when my voki pronounces my name and my city is not very clear but it's just because they're in Spanish.
Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by sites we don't know how to use. What I do is try to find tutorial videos in It's amazing how much you learn by watching people explaining how to use sites. I actually found a little kid who recorded a video giving instructions on how to post my voki avatar on my blog. The kid's video was extremely enlightening, I could finally post my voki avatar thanks to the video posted by this little kid. Internet has opened a learning environment where people just share and collaborate. It's really exciting to learn new tools every week.


Rade Petricevic said...

Hello Fernando,
Your reflection for oral skills is great. I really like everything you said. The most amazing thing is voki avatar. I checked your and it sounds great. I cannot wait to create my own. In my opinion, it is very important for students to listen to native speakers of English. It enables them to improve their oral skills and it also makes them feel more confident about speaking English.

Everything the best...

Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Go ahead Rade, make you own voki. Voki has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see yours on your blog.
Take care

Zun Phyu said...

Hi Nando, your Voki avatar is new for me. I've never known about it. Just a glance of your voki and I'm pretty sure that students will definitely love it. They will enjoy practicing their oral fluency through these online tools. I agree with you that Internet is a worldwide learning environment where we all can learn from each other. Actually there are lots of things I learn from my students and I'm feel grateful for that just as you do for the little kid. Thanks for sharing great oral skills links.

Best wishes,
Zun Phyu

Denise said...

Hello Fernando :

I really liked what you did this week.The voki avatar is incredible. If you feel so good with it, imagine the students ! I agree with you that you can find a good help in you tube.I also see tutorial videos when I need to know how something works and they are very useful.(I am still trying to figure things out with this great site Delicious, though). Congratulations! Another great week is coming.

Best regards,

Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Zun Phyu and Denise
I`m so happy you both like my voki avatar. I had so much fun creating it, so I'm absolutely sure that my students will love creating theirs too.
Looking forward to week 4!

Hilal said...

Hi Fernando,

I liked your story about the kid giving tutorials. I have heard someone saying that Internet can be a place full of strangers, but it can be a place full of teachers as well.