Friday, January 13, 2012

The need to share my experience

After reading  all the blog posts that my classmates wrote, I feel the need to write about my experience. I personally find it very difficult to express my feelings in writing, but after reading my colleagues posts I need to write some thoughts I have. I already feel so bonded to all my online class. I am part of class that is so willing to collaborate with each other. Some people are a little inexperienced, some are more experienced. The fact that we are in an heterogeneous class  makes this course even richer. We can learn so much from each other because there are different points of views from all over the world. I checked the map of the world that shows the location of my tutor and my classmates and it is a great feeling to have classmates from all over the world.
I would also like to thank our tutor Janine for helping and encouraging us. I also feel that I can rely on her and that she will always facilitate our learning process. I am sure this is going to be a fascinating 10 week course to share and collaborate with each other.
Exciting times!!


Melissa Ramos Vaesken said...

Same feeling Nando. Lets see what new experiences this class for us.

Denise said...

Fernando : ( Nando is probably how you prefer to be called )I agree with you,too.This course is just great because our tutor has been very supportive and because we, as teachers, will have the chance to communicate and learn from each other.In fact, there is always something new to learn. Specially in relation to technology. I see that you can manage well on blogs. Congratulations about that.

Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Thanks for your comments.