Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Webskills Class

It is simply unbelievable to have a class with classmates from all over the world. In this picture there are still some people missing but a few already pinpointed their locations. Hope you all can label your locations eventually. Come on people join the class in the map and pinpoint your locations on the class wiki,162.070313&spn=92.277181,105.46875&z=2&source=embed. I hope this link works.


Anna said...

This is a very cool way to show where we all come from. I use a similar map for one of my blogs: However, this is a map that I have to update myself, GoogleMaps allows everyone to collaborate :) Thank you for sharing this tool!

Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your comments. It's great that we can actually see our classmates locations.