Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 1: My reflective blog

This is the first time I created a blog in order to reflect my own learning and experience. I've used blogs for my students before. The first blog was used to publish my primary students' writing assignments and the second one was to write about tech tools that I wanted to share with others. In both experiences I discovered many uses of blogging with students, but I think that the most appealing usage, for my students, was that the audience was as broad as the Internet, not just the teacher reading their writing assignments. Being able to share your work with the whole world  is very attractive to the students.
The part that I personally find very difficult is motivation on the teacher and the students. But in that respect I learned from Graham Stanley's article some activities such as, Mystery Guest, Photoblog, Int'l Link-up and Project Work that can help keep motivation up.
I am really looking forward to reflecting on my own learning to improve my blogging skills and most importantly to use them to make my students experience their own blogging skills.


Rade Petricevic said...

Hello Fernando,

Reading your post on the blog, my eye caught the sentence where you have written that the most appealing thing is that students have the audience.
I think that it is so stimulating way for students to achieve more and I also think that students really like to hear their friends' opinions. What I like the most about your post is an issue of motivation. In my opinion, it is very important issue to be discussed in depth. I strongly agree with you how hard it is to motivate both students and teachers. I hope that we will mutually build some ideas how to do it in this fantastic course.

Fernando Beconi PLN said...

Thanks for your comments. I feel that our learning ship has started to sail towards a collaborative learning goal. Really excited